Apartment communities and the amenities inside are unlike anything you may have seen. Luxury builders and developers have altered the landscape. No longer is a rental just a place to live, it's an entirely new experience that will certainly change the way you and your pet think about apartment communities. Here are some of the top pet amenities that you didn't know existed in rentals today. Chances are pet owners want some perks for their furry friends too.

Rooftop Dog Park:

Most apartment complexes don't have a pet park to begin with, and some boast these play areas on the top level of the buildings. Soak in great views of the city while your dog plays with his other peers among the community. Roof-top dog parks are somewhat rare. But we wouldn't be surprised if these find their way into a city near you.

Doggie Run

Many of our pets have a lot of energy that they need to get out from sleeping all day. Dog Runs will play second fiddle to the park, but at least it's something. A dog run doesn't have to be small either. Many of us picture a smaller area for our pets. We have seen some apartment communities like this one that boast full acre dog runs. Perfect for pet owners who don't live near a friendly pet park yet have animals that need to get out and get their daily dose of exercise. Dog runs are making their way into popular apartment cities like Austin, Dallas, and Houston. If you live in a larger urban city then you shouldn't have a problem finding a place that has a nearby park or on-site dog run.

Pet Washing Station:

Cleaning up you pet in your bathub or bathroom can certainly get old. It's much easier when you have the right tools at your disposal. Many of these pet washing stations also have grooming materials. And for a large majority of these, it's all free. Pets are a part of our lifestyle, and more and more developers are taking notice. You don't have to settle for an unfriendly pet apartment any longer. :

A Pet Swimming Pool :

Almost all communities have pools for their human tenants? But what about for the pets. Although super rare, pet pools do exist. Perfect for those hot summer days when your dog needs to cool off. Normally pet pools and parks go hand in hand. We don't expect you to find one easily in your town, but just know they do exist and might be coming to an apartment complex near you soon. All of the amenities are usually included in your rent. Some apartments are now charging pet rent, but if they are offering some of these cool amenities, it can be well worth it. Although many of us love walking our dogs, it's a great change of pace for everyone when you can let them off the leash and frolic around the grounds. Check over here for many pet friendly apartment facilities https://www.abodo.com/ann-arbor-mi#rent-report